…and welcome to London Trend Service – a trend analysis consultancy specializing in lifestyle, fashion and design directions.  We have been reporting on trends for more than a decade and our approach is firmly rooted in our background as practicing designers and concept developers. Our reports are as informative as they are visual: their primary function is to inspire and inform buyers as well as creatives.

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We can provide you with the absolutely latest from the fashion capital of London to help you keep your collections spanking new and commercially relevant from the start to the end of the season. From inspiring window displays, street styles and the latest in the High Street stores to what the hottest and hippest, independent designers are showing right now: we can supply you with the key fashion, colour, textile and accessory directions that will emerge in the coming retail seasons, specifically relevant to your company’s requirements and directions.


Our trends reports are very pragmatic and concise; they are developed to be easily applied as a source for inspiration across colours, materials and styles, regardless of whether the users are buyers or designers.

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We look at the changing behaviors of consumers, how these are expressed in new desires and aspirations – and how to respond with design. By generating future scenarios we can give your designers and product developers an informed background for inspiration and innovation for their target end-users. As practicing designers we can equally continue the process from identification of new lifestyle-led product possibilities to the final, tangible outcome.

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Being based in the vibrant city of London and with strong connections to its thriving design culture, means that we are particularly well-located to report on the latest product innovations and emerging design talent. We collate our insights into reports meant to support, inspire and inform product and packaging designers and developers across a wide range of sectors.


Our trend reports span categories from ceramics and furniture to surface design and packaging and cover surfaces, materials, textures, colours, shapes and designs.

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London’s vibrant and energetic restaurant and food scene is constantly nurturing new ideas, concepts, pop-ups and global newcomers, making it the perfect source for our hospitality and food trends. Not a week goes by in this city without a new restaurant or bar opening, another trendy café appearance  or a new food shop concept. We offer a holistic representation of emerging food themes, from the wholesome to the wholly awesome.

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We mainly differ from our competitors as our trend publications are semi-tailored to our clients. In order to provide you with the most economical and optimal trend reports, we suggest an initial, non-committing chat to establish a deeper understanding of your products, your clients and your target group. Once we have established a general understanding of your needs, we can finalize our offer to fit in with your company’s specific requirements and profile.

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